Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Let's Party Like It's 1986...

It is over a week since Headline's 25th birthday party and the pink dust is beginning to settle, those high heel related wounds have healed and normal service has been well and truly restored at 338 Euston Road. The party was a whirlwind – a roomful of authors, agents, designers, printers, journalists, bloggers, Headliners and a heck of a lot of prosecco.

Now, 25 years is a long time. These snaps from past reports show this to be beautifully true:

Smiling at us from the never ending table of books is (back row, left to right) Production Director Elizabeth Allen, Deputy MD Charles Nettleton, Publicity Director Diane Rowley, Publishing Director Alan Brooke. (Front row, left to right) Rights Director Sarah Thomson, Managing Director Sian Thomas and Publishing Director (now Headline MD), Jane Morpeth.
Oh how times have changed since this photo was taken. The much discussed digital revolution is upon us and shoulder pads are long gone. However, as I was listening to Jane Morpeth’s speech at the party it struck me that Headline’s main aims are as unchanged as the grey Venetian blinds in every office. Proof is in the first ever press release:

‘Central to Headline’s publishing philosophy will be producing books that people actually want to buy’ and Headline would be ‘entering the market with a dynamic modern approach that puts authors first’, and provide authors, agents, suppliers and customers a unique level of friendly, professional service and involvement.'  (7th July 1986)

Never a truer word t'was said! Anyway, enough babbling from me, here is a selection of snaps from the party of the year, nay the century:
Headline turns 25 in a church. Doesn't it look gorge?
A trio of founding Headliners, Tim Hely-Hutchinson (left) and
Sue Fletcher (right) and current Headline MD Jane Morpeth in the middle.

Headline authors who have been published for 20 years plus were awarded a long service medal.
Here is Dee Williams (left) with hers and her lovely editor, Leah Woodburn (right).

The eternally glamourous novelist Jill Mansell.
Some more glamourous ladies. Left to right: Frances Doyle (Headline), Tasmina Perry (author)
and Tasmina's sister and journalist Farah Butt.
The Waterstone's crew with Headline's Kim Hardie on the left.
If there was a category for 'the loveliest photo of publishing types' this would win gold.
Jane Morpeth on the left and Darley Anderson on the right.

The Unusual Suspects.
You are looking at the very heart of the crime fiction community.
Ladies and gents, please meet (left to right): Mike 'the Ripster' Ripley, Mike 'Shots' Stotter, young Jake Kerridge, gorgeous Chris Simmons and Headline's super sleuth, Sam Eades.
Behold two more gorgeous ladies! Adele Parks, Headline author (left) and Amanda Ross, Cactus TV (right)
Well, there you have it, exclusive images from the hottest (quite literally at some points) publishing party of the year. 

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  1. Wow that looks like one awesome party. Happy anniversary & here is to another 25 years *raises glass to you all*

  2. It was a fantastic night. So lovely to see everyone there. Many thanks, Headline!